Industry/production makeup and styling

Creating striking or approachable looks from concept to page/print/screen is a skill that we have honed over many years of dedication and passion. We are familiar with set etiquette, hd technology, lighting and more. Hands on makeup and styling with an eye for precise detail and an understanding of time constraints; we will be the eyes for your production.  

State of Face has been active in the production community of Central Ohio and beyond since 2008. We are comfortable being a background player or helping to run the overall production when needed. Taking direction from a client is our main focus when it comes to this type of work. When working with clients on their promotional pictures, modeling portfolios and more, it's our duty to make sure every hair is in place, your tie is straight and the photographer, retoucher or production team have less editing. If you are planning a project in Ohio, call or email us to secure your date. 

We do light hair styling, wardrobe styling, full makeup for women and grooming for men. Contact for booking for photo shoots, e-commerce, tv appearances/commercials/shows, video production/industrial/corporate, headshots, portfolio work, events, personal appearances in the Columbus,Ohio area and beyond. or (614)296-0123. 

family force 5 promo photo

Worked on styling, makeup for the Warner Brothers band Family Force 5 for their new album. This was such a treat! The guys are all from the south and very nice and fun to work with, plus the fashion stylist who did the shoot with us is Amanda Valentine from Project Runway. The suits were all trimmed with a variety of prints that she personally stitched on, such as a cat print- I want them to produce these for the public! I love working on musicians, since I'm a musician (at heart at this point).